Room 6200.
Brand building
with a view.


Room 6200 is a private brand development studio, with a public brand agency, BELLHOP.

Our Founder,
Taylor Good

Over the past two decades I've been focused on creative-driven value, from startups to big enterprises. I have helped brands like Hyundai and Kia grow their finance and dealership marketing to over 1.5M monthly customers and 10M monthly visits.

I operate Room 6200 on the foundation of knowing what works, and a sense for what's next.

Timeless principles +
knowing what works,
combined with a digitally-native, culture forward vision.
This is our view.

Design Forward

Twenty years of design-first operating, including work for cannabis companies, the California Lottery, Hyundai and Kia.

Carefully Planned

Simply we reverse engineer the desired outcome, and streamline the process to get there.

Smartly Execute

Action. We are a "House of Action" in that we get it executed.


Our public brand agency.
Industry agnostic.

We help brands 1) tell their story and 2) manage process. Your Back of House for all things design, marketing, and strategic iniatives i.e. "All-suite"

"All-suite "

This is bespoke. A Chief of Staff without hiring one. We have been entrusted to help with a variety of assets, objectives, and execute at only the highest level.